Health Care Law/Legal Risk Consultants

November 14, 2008

Richard Susskind, professional futurist and this week’s attorney kill joy number 1, recently told the legal newspaper, AM LAW DAILY, that “the party is over” for lawyers.  Gone soon will be the enourmous salaries and juicy partner deals of big time corporate law for huge armies of lawyers.  Instead, he predicts the practice of the law will be relegated, primarily, to generalized, legal risk consultants.  

From anecdotal evidence, I can attest that the long term care industry’s recent push to hire health care lawyers for Admistrator’s position, is clearly in-line with this trend.  

Regluation on long term care facilities is up, corporate legal work is down.  The credit crunch is souring the growth of business sectors (like corporate law) which require workers to spend massive educational outlays before joining the work force.  I forsee more lawyers managing highly regulated businesses, especially health care service providers like nursing homes, in the not so distant future.  Any Administrator who has tangled with state surveyors over the interpretation of FTag guidance can attest, reasoning and argumentation skills are very useful in our business.  If Susskind is right, then more lawyers will be joining the Administrator ranks.


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